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Assistance With Wills, Trusts And Asset Protection

Wealth preservation is not only for the wealthy but also for anyone who wants to preserve assets through all stages of life and beyond. High-asset individuals and couples typically have more complex asset portfolios, and their legacy aspirations may involve planned support of charitable causes and other goals to leave lasting financial impacts beyond the family.

At the same time, people with more average means also want to leverage legal tools to express their wishes regarding the eventual distribution of their assets.

Creating Tailored Wealth Preservation Strategies

Effective estate planning should take into account anticipated future needs during one’s lifetime as well as strategies for passing on wealth as desired after one’s end of life. At Gayheart Law, PLLC, clients find direction as they craft unique estate plans that will make their wishes clear and legally binding.

Thoughtful people want to harness known ways to preserve and pass on assets to the next generation. I am estate planning attorney Melissa Gayheart, dedicated to helping Kentuckians create estate plans that support their goals.

Providing Clarity To Minimize Conflict

You also want to ensure that all the details are covered. Personal property, such as sentimental property or family heirlooms, are often best clearly distributed to beneficiaries, as conflicts can result from family members’ misunderstandings over a grandmother’s wedding ring or a father’s prized gun.

Advance directives and powers of attorney identity your wishes and reduce the stress on the family when difficult decisions need to be made or people recall conflicting stories. Remember it’s not just the elderly who need these documents; a car accident can result in significant incapacity at any age.

Aspects Of Estate Planning

Perhaps you recently got married, became parents for the first time or experienced changes in your asset portfolio that helped you realize the importance of estate planning. I can help meet your needs through legal tools such as the following:

  • Wills: simple and complex wills, which may incorporate trusts, and pour-over wills
  • Trusts: revocable and irrevocable trusts; living trusts; generation-skipping trusts and special needs trusts
  • Powers of attorney and advance health care directives

My law firm provides robust information and step-by-step guidance for my clients who are concerned about defining future inheritances while also pursuing goals such as the following:

Whatever has led you to this webpage, I welcome the opportunity to help you, an individual or married couple, explore your options and create or modify an overall estate plan that will fulfill your hopes and provide peace of mind.

Create Or Build On An Estate Plan

I can help you create an estate plan, write a new will after a change in your family or help your elderly parents coordinate and improve on existing plan documents. My background in finance and accounting enhances my ability to meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

To reach my Lexington law offices, call 859-440-3163 or complete an online inquiry form.